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Trailer Rental Services in Jacksonville

No matter where in the southeastern U.S. your freight needs to be delivered, you get more than simple transportation services when you choose Truck & Trailer Refrigeration Service to handle your cargo shipment. You also get the peace of mind of knowing your freight is in reliable hands. Our current inventory includes a variety of comfortable, high-performance trailers that are T & T Trailer Rental-certified reliable.

Our Reliable Trailers Include:

Refrigerated Trailers
Refrigerated trailers (reefers) are ideal for transporting food. These versatile refrigerated trailers allow you to transport perishable goods at temperatures as cool as -30 degrees Fahrenheit. Our refrigerated trailers are available in lengths ranging from 28 feet to 53 feet, and are also available with multitemperature compartments.

Flatbed Trailers
Flatbed trailers are ideal for transporting steel, plants, machinery construction or other building materials. Our flatbed trailers are available in a length of 48 feet.

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Dry Van Trailers
As the name implies, dry van trailers are ideal for transporting dry goods. When you rent one of our dry van trailers to transport your freight, you are always getting first-rate equipment that can handle the job. Our dry van trailers are available from 48 feet to 53 feet.

Truck & Trailer Refrigeration Service also provides specialized agricultural hauling. Please call us for additional details!

All trailers are available for daily, weekly, monthly and long-term rentals. Both pick-up and delivery options are available. Rental rates are based on flat rates! If you have any questions about our trailers, we invite you to please contact us today at 904-783-1130.

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